An expression of two purpose-driven women’s love of wisdom, passion of wine & spirit of service.


We were born and raised in Baltimore City.  Our sisterhood began over a decade ago as colleagues.  As our friendship evolved, we discovered that we had a mutual core desire to seek wisdom and live a purpose driven life.  As a result of that desire and commitment, we are the first African American women-owned winery in the state of Maryland.



Just a humble Charm City Girl, born and raised on the Westside of Baltimore’s concrete jungle. Combine her crush for the love of wine, bottled with a thirst for learning, aged through passion for the fermented grape, creating the perfect vintage. I have been in the wine industry since 2004 in multiple capacities. From volunteer, wine blogger, assisting the winemaker, tasting room associate and (now) winery co-owner & CEO. I collaborate with local farmers to obtain wine grapes for each of Philosophy’s vintages. It’s important to me to showcase Maryland’s vast agricultural roots. I  often express that great wine cannot be made without great grapes. I believe in exploring distinct agriculture (land & soil) and producing high quality wine that highlights diverse grape varietals as unique as Maryland itself”. Wine is a forever evolving theme. With each taste of an unfamiliar varietal, there sparks opportunity.

I believe that if we want change to happen then we must be willing to be part of the change. In February 2022, I took over the role of President of the Maryland Wineries Association. In this role, I work with the Senate and the House of Representatives on behalf of Maryland wineries. In addition, I was also appointed to the Advisory Commission on Maryland Alcohol Manufacturing by Governor Hogan.

Kimberly, Vintner



I fell in love with wine long before I actually understood it. I was drawn to it many years ago when I was looking to expand my palate beyond my first love, Cognac. I didn’t enjoy my first glass of wine, but it piqued my interest. I started exploring more and quickly fell in love with the uniqueness of Bordeaux blends. After becoming a Sommelier, I was eager to deep dive into the Bordeaux region. I’m currently a Bordeaux Master Candidate at the Wine Scholar Guild. I was super excited to craft our first edition Bordeaux style red blend, femme Noire in 2021 and a second edition in 2022. I’ve been indulging in wine collecting from estate sales and auctions for the past 24 years. I’ve also obtained certifications in Champagne and Wines of South Africa.

Broadening my wine knowledge is vital in curating unique wine experiences at our tastings, private and corporate events. As coaching is my love and wine is my crush, I’m elated to combine them in fostering diversity and inclusion in the BIPOC community through advisory and mentorship to potential winery owners, wine professionals and wine students of my SASSI project and the Roots Fund organization. Also, I utilize my business expertise in Philosophy’s business and financial management as well as our presence with exclusive restaurants, wine shops, corporations and private events.

Denise, Sommelier


Our vision spans from the various soils drifting below us, merging Maryland’s past discretions with its present hopes and future endeavors. We produce small batch high quality dry wines. Our wines are crafted by Vintner Kimberly T. Johnson; exploring classic and native grape varietals sourced from vineyards in the Maryland area. We incorporate characteristics from the old world as well as new theories of winemaking utilizing french oak barrels and stainless steel fermentation vessels to create wines of unique depth and richness.


We’re a mobile boutique winery. Our presentations are intimate and elegant experiences curated by Sommelier Denise Roles Matthews at premier venues throughout Maryland as well as private and corporate locations. We can also be found at local community markets and festivals.


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We understand that being trailblazers is both a privilege and a responsibility. We utilize our skills and positions as a board member to impact Maryland wine legislature and as a mentor to foster Maryland wine diversity and inclusion. We’re not just here to make wines, we’re here to make waves.